Sweet Curry Cauliflower Grilled Chicken Salad Sandwich

The base of this chicken salad sandwich can be used in so many ways and can be made ahead of time for quick assembly. This recipe makes one large sandwich.


Begin by creating the mayo using a food processor add one large egg, lime juice, mustard and salt. Using the puree option turn processor and slowly begin to add olive oil. Mixture will be being to thicken, once all the olive oil has been added puree for a few more seconds and spoon into a container. Set aside and allow about 15 min before using for all the flavors to marry.

Next, coarsely chop one chicken fillet along with Pernicious Pickling’s Sweet curry pickled cauliflower. In a bowl add the seasoned mayo, chopped chicken and pickled cauliflower, stir mixture. Slice two pieces of the country loaf and load the chicken salad on top. Finally add micro greens to finish and enjoy.

Recipe Credit

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