Tempeh Stir Fry

A lot of my dinners consist of whatever I have left in the pantry or fridge, nothing extravagant! I always have a few veggies on hand, proteins like tempeh, tofu, or eggs, and spices/seasonings such as nutritional yeast or turmeric. These are typically my go-to ingredients. That’s why stir fries are easy peasy for any given dinner when I’m not feeling like cooking up something brand new. Plus, it’s easy to mix it up whenever you’re beginning to feel burnt out on certain ingredients.

My goal with most dinners is to make them as nutrient dense as possible. For me, this means a variety of vitamins and minerals, fiber, protein, and some healthy fats to help absorb those fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, E, K, & D. In this stir fry I used tempeh as my protein source, however it also provides some fat and loads of fiber which is fantastic for your gut.

Various veggies in this dish give you a wide range of micronutrients, and the turmeric powder gives your body an extra anti-inflammatory boost. What else could you need? Plus, it takes maybe 10-15 minutes to cook which is ideal for someone like me who is usually ravenous coming home from work. No time for dilly dallying when feelings of hanger start creeping in!


  • Take 1/3 of a block of tempeh and cut up into small cubes
  • In small mixing bowl, toss the tempeh in a light coating of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (a little goes a long way in terms of salt and flavor), turmeric powder, black pepper, and nutritional yeast
  • In a lightly oiled pan, sauté the tempeh until you notice the sides begin to get lightly browned and crispy
  • In another oiled pan, toss in your broccoli, snap peas, and minced garlic cloves on medium heat
  • After they’ve cooked down a little bit, add in your diced bell pepper and sliced mushrooms
  • Add seasonings of your choice such as black pepper and garlic salt to your veggies and cook until the vegetables have all softened to your liking
  • While the vegetables are cooking, take your frozen bagged cauliflower rice and pop into the microwave for 5 minutes
  • You can either add the cauliflower to the pan after it’s been cooked to immerse it with the veggies, or you can begin to layer the ingredients in your bowl
  • From bottom to top I layered cauliflower rice, the seasoned veggies, cooked tempeh, and then chopped up green onions to garnish. And of course, I always add hot sauce for an extra kick 😊

Recipe Credit

Austen Gross is a pizza obsessed Holistic Health Coach based in Columbus, Ohio. When she’s not coaching clients, you can find her munching on dark chocolate or sipping on red wine while cooking simple yet healthy recipes in her kitchen. While she may sound like a walking oxymoron, her belief is that balance is key when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about her intuitive coaching style at austengrossfyi.com, or follow her on Instagram at @austengrossfyi for more recipes!