Toasted Vegetarian Meatball Marinara Subs

Creating vegetarian or vegan versions of American classics is a dangerous game as so many of us are fans of cheeseburgers, hot dogs, meatloaf to name but a few. But with so many great meat alternatives on the market – and available through Green Bean Delivery – we can now focus on enjoying delicious meat-free meals without sacrificing flavor.

Gardein is a new brand to the Green Bean store, and their products will not disappoint! From sliders to tenders, there is something for everyone. Gardein likes to promote, and celebrate, Meatless Monday but with so many meat alternatives now available through Green Bean, why stop there?!


  1. Melt the butter on a low heat and add the garlic and stir. Split the brat buns open and toast in the garlic butter until golden brown – apart 3-4 minutes – and set aside.
  2. In a pot, fry the meatless meatballs straight out of the freezer (do NOT defrost) for 10-12 minutes until browned and cooked all the way through, before adding the marinara sauce.
  3. While still warm, spoon 3-4 meatless meatballs onto a toasted brat bun before adding cheese slices and a sprinkle of chopped parsley. Top with the other half of the brat bun and devour in minutes!

Recipe Credit

Phoebe Male is a food and travel blogger based in Southwest Ohio. She moved to the US from England in 2015 and is on a mission to get the best out of the Midwest. Her love of food and travel is made clear through innovative and inviting still life photography, paired with a delightfully captivating style of writing. For more recipes and reviews, follow her on Instagram at @milkwithnosugar.