October Favorites

We are just cruising through October! For our family, October always slips by because we have fall break right in the middle of the month. It also gets a bit crazy because we have overlapping of sports seasons which leaves us no downtime as we transition into a new season. Luckily, we have some excellent convenience foods through Green Bean that has helped me get “homecooked” food on the table that fuel the kids and that they love to eat. Here is what we’ve been enjoying this month! 

Kettle & Fire

Once the temperatures dropped, we quickly introduced soups into our weekly routine. I have been bringing them to work for a quick, warming lunch and we’ve also used them as a starting point for dinner on super busy nights. My two favorites from Kettle & Fire are the Butternut Squash and the Tomato. There is nothing better than dunking a grilled cheese sandwich in a warm bowl of tomato soup. Add to that a side of blanched broccoli with sea salt and you have a perfect fall meal for a busy weeknight.  

All their soups are made with bone broth which provides added minerals and protein to already nourishing soup. Their bone broth is made from bones from grass-fed, grass-finished organic cows and pasture-raised chickens. 

Katz Gluten Free

There is at least one weekend morning where we are up early and trying to get out the door to some sporting event. On those mornings, I warm up Katz’s donuts in the oven and pan-fry some Applegate sausages to fill our bellies and get us out the door quickly. We were thrilled to add Katz’s Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls to this mix. Since our daughter has had to go gluten free, cinnamon rolls have been one thing we’ve had a hard time replacing with a gluten free version. As usual, Katz Gluten Free comes in with a win! These cinnamon rolls are absolutely delicious! They are kid approved (even the kids who can enjoy gluten) and adult approved – a perfect fall/winter convenient breakfast. 

Feel Good Foods

Another brand our family has fallen in love with since our house became gluten free. Feel Good Foods offers chef inspired gluten-free nourishing frozen foods that taste great and are quick to prepare. They have many options for appetizers, snacks, and now breakfast. Pancake bites are definitely trending, and it is easy to see why, especially if you can buy them already made. They are a perfect finger food for dipping into warm syrup and they are a simple delight to start your day. These are Danish-style and like aebleskiver which are puffy Danish pancake balls.

Stonyfield Organic

Stonyfield yogurt has been a staple in our house since we’ve had kids. My kids are the type of kids who don’t necessarily like to drink milk; however, they do love yogurt, and because of this, I’ve been packing little yogurts in their school lunches ever since they’ve been taking a lunch to school. They’ve recently fell in love with the Strawberry Smoothie that comes in a 6-ounce bottle. It is a perfect size for their lunch boxes. Plus, it is drinkable which they would rather have than eating a yogurt with a spoon. It contains billions of probiotics, has 6 grams of protein, and contains calcium, vitamin D, and 14 other essential vitamins and minerals. They’re happy and I’m happy!

Culture Pop Soda

If you haven’t tried this soda yet, please do yourself a favor! Our entire family fell in love in just one sip! Culture Pop is a probiotic soda made with organic fruit juices and real, ground organic spices and herbs. There is only 6 grams of sugar per can, and it comes from fruit juices only – no added sugar. It is a nice spin on a sparkling water and a much lower in sugar version of a soda. Plus, it contains billions of probiotics that neither a sparkling water nor soda provide. We’ve loved every flavor we have tried but I think the Orange Mango and Watermelon Lime are in a tie as our current favorites. 

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