How to Open a Young Thai Coconut

Did you know that the coconut is actually a fruit and often called the “Fruit of Life” because of its many edible pieces: juice, oil, meat and fiber. Once opened, the young fruit yields a healthy, delicious juice and a soft pulp that can be used in smoothies and other recipes.

Use extreme caution when opening a young coconut. You may want to use an inexpensive cleaver or butcher knife, as opening coconuts can dull your knife.


STEP 1: Place coconut on its side and shave the top into a point until the shell is revealed.

STEP 2: Tap knife along the base of the shell to detach the “lid”.


STEP 3: Use the edge of your knife to carefully pry open and remove the lid.


STEP 4: Poor the coconut water into a clean dish or jar.


STEP 5: Use a spoon to scrape out the pulp. You can also chop the fruit in half to make it easier to remove the pulp.


STEP 6: Scrape any fiber from the pulp so you can use it in a delicious smoothie or other recipe.


Store in a glass container or jar for up to 1 week in the fridge, or freeze it for later use.

The smaller the coconut, the sweeter and more tender the pulp, but each coconut is unique. Your coconut pulp may vary in texture depending on its maturity. It can range from a very thin jelly texture to a firm jelly texture to a more solid yet tender pulp. All of these textures are delicious, nutritious and edible.

You can drink the coconut water plain or freeze into ice cubes to add to cold drinks or smoothies. Use the pulp in smoothies, eat it plain, or use in recipes as a substitute for butter or fat. Try toasting at 350 degrees on a baking sheet until golden brown. It makes for a great snack or a tasty addition to baked goods.

The coconut water should be clear to cloudy white and the pulp should be bright white. Some coconut fiber may stick to the pulp when you scrape it out but this is normal and can be removed.