Slower Cooker BBQ Ribs

Our Saturday is crazy busy—mainly running from baseball games to softball games. When we get home, I’m not going to want to cook and everyone will want dinner ready. That is why I’m making slow cooker ribs today. Eight hours in the slow cooker doing its thang while we are out enjoying the day!

Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs

My sister-in-law and I found this recipe from Tasty a while back. We had a busy day of watching football and we didn’t want to be bothered by cooking in the kitchen. Slow cooker ribs sounded like the perfect recipe for what we needed!

The best thing about this recipe is that Organic Prairie’s ribs and Local Folks Foods’ barbeque sauce are on super sale this week! Two of the main ingredients in this fall-off-the-bone rib recipe. Modified slightly from Tasty’s recipe and using ingredients that can be found in Green Bean’s store, here is my go-to recipe for making ribs!



1 jar of Local Folks Foods Apple Butta’ barbeque sauce

¼ cup brown sugar

4 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar

3 teaspoons dried oregano

1 tablespoon tamari soy sauce

1 tablespoon smoked paprika

1 rack Organic Prairie ribs

Salt and pepper



Combine barbeque sauce, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, dried oregano, tamari, and smoked paprika in a bowl. Cut the ribs into 2 equal halves (so they can fit into your slow cooker). Season both sides with salt and pepper. Place ribs in slow cooker and cover with sauce. Cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours. After ribs are done, cut the ribs and place on a serving platter. Spoon sauce from the slow cooker over the top and serve.


Here is the original recipe which is equally amazing and all ingredients are found in our store, as well. Tasty’s version is on the spicy side and my kids aren’t big fans of spicy food. But, they are huge fans of ribs—even the one year old, believe it or not! And while you’re shopping, don’t forget to grab some sweet corn and mini watermelons or organic strawberries to pair up with your ribs—now we are talking perfect summer food, enjoy!

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Beth Blessing (Organic Beth) has a Masters in Nutrition and is the co-founder of Green Bean Delivery. She is a mother of three that loves supporting family farms and searching for unique, artisanal products. Her goal is to help others eat better and live a more natural, holistic life through healthy recipes and practical tips. Follow her on Facebook: @OrganicBeth