Spring Break Road Trip Essentials

We are a family that loves to take road trips. In fact, we bought a 15-passenger van so we can bring the whole family plus our two gigantic dogs on our trips. We pack a mini cooler of cold snacks and a grocery bag of pantry snacks and hit the road because with my kids (like most kids) boredom creates insane hunger. We like to focus on individual packages and foods that do not require utensils. It just makes everything much easier, especially when you have kids. Here are some of our favorite go-to car snacks when we are out on the open highway.

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Cooler Snacks

Pantry Snacks

Cooler Snacks

Pop and Bottle: Everyone needs a bit of caffeine to get the road trip started and to get you through the final leg of your trip. Pop and Bottle coffee lattes are made with cold brew coffee which anyone who has ever had cold brew knows it puts a pep in your step! They also have a matcha green tea latte and a Thai tea latte for those who prefer tea over coffee.  

Stonyfield Very Berry YoKids Drinks: A little bit of protein and calcium and a dose of probiotics – these 3-ounce yogurt smoothies are perfect for young kids like my 4-year-old. Small, easy to manage, and since they are only 3-ounces, they tend to drink them quickly. Because they are in a plastic bottle, we avoid accidentally squeezing the yogurt all over ourselves and the car seat like the YoKids Squeezers.   

Kombucha: An excellent alternative to sugary soda, kombucha is a must have on our road trips. Kombucha is bubbly, loaded with probiotics, and a nice break from drinking water. We have so many great kombucha options in the store. Although, we usually travel with the canned kombucha from Circle. Cans are especially nice with kids because it takes away the fear of broken glass in the car (even though the only person in my family that has broken a glass of kombucha while getting in and out of the car has been me).  

Cheese Sticks: Individually wrapped protein snacks for both kids and adults! We love the Organic Valley Mozzarella Stringles, but equally enjoy the Goat Cheese Stix and Fontina Stix from Carr Valley

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Pantry Snacks

Pirate’s Booty and SkinnyPop Popcorn Individual Bags: The absolute best and easiest car snacks ever! Everyone gets their own bag, and it is a perfect snack amount. Nothing makes my kids happier than snacking on Pirate’s Booty or SkinnyPop Popcorn. 

Kate’s Real Food Bars: Six awesome flavors to choose from, Kate’s are wholesome energy bars made from organic ingredients. Sometimes these bars are used as breakfast to get us on the road early and give us a good push before we stop for lunch. They are a perfect grab-and-go sustenance bar! And honestly, the mango coconut is one of the best bars I have ever eaten! 

Kalahari Biltong: Like jerky, biltong is a dehydrated meat, however, it is marinated in vinegar and spices and then air dried instead of being heated in a dehydrator. The result is that biltong is more tender and flavorful. Each package of biltong is one serving and provides 32g of high-quality protein. The packaging is resealable if you can’t finish it in one setting! 

Farm to Kitchen Foods: We usually bring some kind of roasted, salted nuts on our road trips because they are healthy and filling. Our favorites are tamari roasted almonds, whole salted organic cashews, and salted peanuts. However, there are so many other great snacks in the Farm to Kitchen line – chocolate covered almonds, yogurt covered pretzels, and organic banana chips – just to name a few. And, they have resealable packaging which is great for travel! 

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