Tosca Pears

Tosca Pears are a cross between Coscia Pears, an early season pear that originated in Tuscany, and the well-known Bartlett Pear.  The exterior of the pear is bell-shaped with a greenish-yellow skin.

When you sink your teeth in, you’ll be greeted by a smooth and very firm, creamy white flesh.  The resulting flavor is sweet, smooth, and juicy.  Tosca pears are always crisp to the bite and a bit exotic to the taste buds.

You can cook with Tosca pears the same way you would as with a Bartlett pear.  The two are very similar in size, shape, and flavor.  Tosca pears hold up great for baking, thinly sliced in salads, and eating fresh when you’re on the go.

We are excited to announce that we’ll have Certified Organic Tosca Pears from Washington State available in all markets when our store opens this Thursday!

Healthy Times Recipes for Pears: