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Natural Snacks, Office Delivered.

Build the perfect snack subscription for your office! Increase workplace wellness with organic fruits, natural snacks, and more.

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Brighten Up your Breakroom with Tuesday Deliveries!

Perk Up Your Workforce

Delivering to Offices of All Sizes

We deliver Tuesdays according to your schedule—weekly, every 2 weeks, or monthly. Easily edit or pause your order before your delivery day.

Good Fuel for Focus

Subscribe to a Mixed Fruit Bin

Select the best size for your office needs—Small ($50), Medium ($100), or Large ($200).

Good Fuel for Focus

Subscribe to Natural Snacks

Stay auto-stocked on the foods that keep your team in motion and business running smoothly.

Good Fuel for Focus

Include Any Add-ons

Shop for individual items or bundles & bulk cases that save your company extra money.

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Enjoy Fresh Fruit
on a Regular Basis!

Companies love our budget-friendly fruit bins. We pre-fill your cart with the freshest mix of fruit available in the market. From there, you can edit what you’d like to receive.

New, curated bins each week!

Saves time & money

Simplifies healthy eating

Brings variety to your breakroom

Supports Midwest farmers

Combines with recurring snacks

Preview a Sample Bin

Start your orders with a curated mix of peak-season fruits and vegetables. Fresh, fun and healthy!


10 lbs. Organic Bananas
(about 22-25 bananas)


6 lbs. Macintosh Apples
(about 12-14 apples)


9 lbs. Navel Oranges
(about 15-18 oranges)


20 lbs. Organic Bananas
(about 45-50 bananas)


12 lbs. Macintosh Apples
(about 25-27 apples)


18 lbs. Navel Oranges
(about 30-35 oranges)


40 lbs. Organic Bananas
(about 90-100 bananas)


24 lbs. Macintosh Apples
(about 50-55 apples)


36 lbs. Navel Oranges
(about 65-70 oranges)

Popular Breakroom Staples

Give your team a way to stay on task instead of spending time hunting for food outside the office.


Produce Category

Nuts & Trail Mix

Produce Category


Produce Category

Coffee & Tea

Produce Category

Cool Drinks

Produce Category
A Good Investment

Bring out the Best in Your Employees

Good Fuel for Focus

Support Healthy Habits

Show your employees you care about their wellbeing with the right snacks to keep them motivated.

Good Fuel for Focus

Ditch the Junk Food

We only supply foods free from artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, and unnatural preservatives.

Good Fuel for Focus

Upgrade Your Water Cooler

Cheers to working together to create a stronger team morale and culture with every sip.

Gain & Retain Talent

Have you felt the shift? Job satisfaction is no longer dependent upon compensation alone; employees want to feel engaged and appreciated. Soon, office snacking—and more importantly, healthy office snacking—will become an expected benefit in joining and staying with a company.

Sample recurring order

Food for Thought

Keep employees happy and healthy with fresh fruit nearby to fuel their focus and increase productivity. Plus, cut healthcare costs at the same time. It’s a win-win! Your company will look forward to regular deliveries of an exciting variety of snack options provided in each order.

Sample recurring order

More Reasons to Love

  • No Membership Fees
  • No Contracts or Commitments
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Delivery on Orders $150+
  • Monthly Health Tips for Your Breakroom
  • Unique Local & Artisanal Foods
  • Family-Owned & -Operated in Indianapolis

Continue Eating Healthy @ Home!

Offer a corporate discount to your employees for Green Bean home grocery deliveries. It's free to set up, and great for your remote staff!

Interested? Reach out to Member Services for more info!

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